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I live in the South West of England near the beautiful Jurrassic Coast and a couple of hours away from Cornwall… and Wales for that matter, so lots to explore. In my spare time I love walking, kayaking and photography.

I’ve spent a fair share of my life in different countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland, France and a bit of Germany. As I’ve grown a bit older (some may say ancient, although I disagree!) I have wanted to settle down and the travelling bug sort of left me as well.

I am in the middle of plannnig a campervan build, my first, using the Nissan NV200 as a base vehicle, which suits me well. I hope to have many local adventures continuing to walk the entire length of the South West coastal path, kayaking along our beautiful coast, and travelling back to the countries mentioned above and a couple more from time to time. I’m not the big adventurer/thrillseeker, so don’t expect to see things where any mortal would risk their life. I just love enjoying my surroundings to the fullest extent possible, rather than racing through to ‘get somewhere’.

The road I took relfects the many choices we make in life, either voluntarily or not, and often through circumstance or serindipity, and where we eventually end up. I don’t believe in our ability to plan our lives out fully, so being open to what happens around us is important, though it seems that these days there’s a lot of negative stuff going on in the world. On the other hand, there is a lot we can do to influence our circumstances and where we end up. Sometimes we don’t feel we have any options or ways forward. Sometimes we lack the strength to see a way out of a situation and the choices we do have seem worse than the predicament we find ourselves in. For me it’s important to remember that ‘this too will pass’… and not to cling too much to either the positive or the negative but to enjoy life as it comes. Now I just need to tell my mind about this!