Nissan NV200 campervan conversion

So, I’m going to convert a second hand NV200 combi to a campervan, but… This campervan needs to be designed in such a way that it can easily and quickly be converted back into a combi.

In addition to this, If I take the campervan furniture out, it needs to be stored in a very small space in the house. Either I’ve got too much clutter, or my house is too small, or both. It’s probably both… So the furniture I’m putting inside needs to be lightweight and compact.

I haven’t got the van yet. I’m still saving up for it, but I’m getting close. I’m looking out for a van already and I hope to have one by the summer 2018, fully operational. So the work has to be done quickly, but I’m planning to work in stages as I go along.

The conversion will also cost hundreds of pounds, not thousands. I need my savings for other things…

I’m also planning on going low tech, no leisure battery (at least to start with) and no gas to save space and minimise the work I need to do.

The colour scheme very much depends on the colour of the van…

What will I use it for?

  • walking: I’m doing the South West coast path in stages. At the moment I’ve just passed Fancing Ledge and on the way to Kimmeridge
  • kayaking: I haven’t been kayaking for a number of years and I’ll have to give my kayak a good service when I do, but I look forward to it… I really miss going out on the water…
  • Photography: I love photography and I’m sure I can easily combine this with the other reasons for the campervan, but it’s a reason by itself as well. At the moment, my main zoom lens is causing an error on my camera, so that needs to be fixed or I need a new one. I so look forward to some good photography trips.
  • short and slightly longer holidays: I don’t travel a lot anymore. I’ve travelled too much in the past, but I like to pack things up on a Friday and head off straight after work. I work in the far west of Dorset, so ideal for the Jurrasic Coast, Devon and Cornwall. Longer holidays may be to Scotland, Austria and Switzerland.

Now the website is set up, the plan is to start putting some proper content on here soon, including the many links useful links I found. I’m also going to add the Inkscape template of the van I use to plan everything out, if someone is interested. In addition to this, I hope to document my work with lots of photos.

It’s my first campervan conversion and I’m going to do everything myself. I know I have the skills from carpentry to sewing, so that should work (famous last words!)

Until then, watch this space… I have a lot of ideas already but none of them fully worked out.