Seat/Bed Design

At the moment I’m in the middle of planning the seating, which isn’t easy. It has to fit within the width, length and height restrictions I have within the van and it also needs to hold the portable toilet. This is the design for the first and most difficult unit, the one holding the toilet. I’m planning on having two more units to make up the 190cm I have available. The other two will use the remainder of the length still available divided by two.


The seating will be extendable (see side view) with the cushion/mattress part at the front functioning as a backrest when in use as seating. I’m not sure yet how I’m going to handle that where the sliding door is (which can’t be used as the seating is installed in front of it).

I’m plannig on making the top hinge up, but that may change if I find a better way of making the portable toilet available. Lifting the top of the seating up and using/taking out the toilet with the legs in the way isn’t ideal.

I may make the toilet unit a bit wider to allow for storage (of a couple of loo rolls and whatever else is useful). Not sure yet.