The build has started…!

Ivar furniture ‘as bought’ from IKEA – the top part at least…


However, it’s going a bit slower than I had hoped because of lack of time and energy, but we’re getting there… slowly.

I’ve more or less finished building the cupboards (see next pages), based on Ikea’s Ivar, which is an excellent and very flexible pine shelving system. I have built a lot of my own furniture for my home based on Ivar as it not only saves time, but it’s basic enough to be able to do as you please with it.

I have also used Ikea as an inspiration for a different reason. You may remember that my build needs to be completely removable and that my house isn’t the size of a castle. So I’ve designed and built furniture that’s more or less completely ‘flat-packable’ should I need to remove it from the van and should I need to store it in the house.

Screwfix has been my saving grace in this as they sell everything to make this possible, from furniture screws and insert nuts at a decent price and practical quantities to allen key sets.

I’ve taken photos as I went along, more or less to show the process and end result…