Useful links

These are links with interesting things to consider for your campervan or if you would like to build your own. A small disclaimer: most of these have not been reviewed by me and I don’t endorse them. The reviewed ones on here are based on my experience and my experience alone… so please take it for what it is, but I hope it’s useful. I’m hoping to add more and to review more of these as I go along.


Forums and friendly communities:

Small Motor Home: excellent website about small motor homes with very friendly community and lots of accumulated experience


Websites of NV200 related self-conversions and blogs:

Do your dream – I love this site of a full conversion of an NV200 from start to finish with lots of pictures and tips. It’s got a lot of other interesting things on there as well, including travels.

Dinkum – the one and only Dinkum – a great blog about using the NV200 as a camper with so much else and lots of reviews, feedback etc…

NV200 Campervan – interesting site with a summary of good ideas and some interesting links at the bottom.

Living the life of Doris – the adventures of ‘busli’ (‘little bus’ in Swiss German) the white NV200.



Cambee not reviewed


Materials for conversion:

For the van:

Kiravans : 5 out of 5 stars Although they selection of products, some of which you would struggle to find elsewhere, which are of excellent quality and arrive quickly. All well wrapped and would buy again from this company. I bought carpet lining and spray on adhesive from them and both products were easy to use and of good quality. Really happy with their products.

Vanbitz not reviewed

Space Camper (in German) not reviewed

CLT Powerpack not reviewed

Goal Zero powerpack not reviewed

12 Volt planning not reviewed

Acrylic sheeting not reviewed


Camping equipment:

Camper Himmel (in German): 5 out of 5 stars A German company but they will ship to the UK. I ordered some ventilation grids from them. Excellent service and excellent product. Well worth considering if you want ventilation and you don’t want to cut a hole in your van.

Rainbow Conversions or Grasshopper Leisure, which confusingly appears to be the same company (UK): 5 out of 5 stars Very easy to order and deal with. The goods I ordered so far were well wrapped and arrived quickly.

Jacksons camping equipment not reviewed

Jacksons leisure supplies not reviewed

Towsure not reviewed

Great western camping not reviewed

World of Camping not reviewed

Leisureshopdirect not reviewed

Highlander not reviewed

Corelle crockery not reviewed

Genware enamel crockery not reviewed

Reimo not reviewed


Cookers and cool boxes:

Dometic stoves: 4 out of 5 stars Not sure if 4 stars is justified as the Origo 1500 I bought is really well made. I may change this to five stars later on. I gave it 4 stars after testing as it did leave black sooting on the pot I used and it did smell a lot, but this may be due to the marine fuel I used, which was designed for this cooker. So… the four stars may not be directly linked to the product but more to the fuel used… further testing required.

Primus stoves not reviewed

Highlander double gas cooker not reviewed

Waeco fridges not reviewed



Fabulous seat cushions


Disclaimer: this is a collection of links and sites I like and not meant to be representative or a ‘quality mark’. The opinions on this page and this site are mine only.