What is my brief?

Let’s see… I would like a campervan that:

  • Is relatively cheap to buy
  • Is cheap to run
  • Doesn’t use a lot of fuel
  • Can be used as a car replacement
  • Fits my drive
  • Can be used as a van, can transport people and can be used as a campervan for shorter and longer journeys away from home as well as a campervan.
  • Can be easily converted between:
    • A day van
    • A campervan only
    • A campervan with the possibility of carrying passengers on one or two journeys when needed
    • A transport van
  • Allows campervan furniture can easily stored in the house and is lightweight
  • Is not reliant on campsites if staying away for the weekend
  • Allows stealth camping when needed
  • Allows comfort at a campsite during longer trips
  • Is not resource heavy
  • Is not reliant on gas and doesn’t need a gas installation
  • Is not reliant on a leisure battery, at least not initially
  • Is modular and can be installed or adapted to fulfil different needs and usage:
    • Two days away kayaking – allows me to rinse off the kayak and takes a roof rack – therefore solar panels are not an option.
    • Two or more days away on other activities that don’t require me transporting large objects such as a kayak
    • Two weeks away with possible stays on campsites
    • Journeys away to visit family with a night in the van if needed
    • Day trips out with ability to make tea
    • Transporting at least 5 people when needed
    • Transporting large items I need for the house or garden
    • photography trips or at most a couple of days allowing me to charge my computer while driving

So… not that much then! But lets move on…