Why a Nissan NV200?

NV200 Combi

After looking at a lot of different vans, the NV200 seems to fit what I need best. A lot of its alternatives are either:

  • Not long enough to sleep in comfortably: this will include the VW Caddy, Berlingo, Fiat Doblo, Renault Kangoo, etc… these are great vans, but not what I’m looking for. They are almost a bit too car like and not ‘van like’ enough if that makes sense; and some are not very different from a people carrier or an estate car.
  • Not high enough to be comfortable. Even though you can’t stand up in the NV200 without using a pop up roof, it still allows you to get under certain barriers with its height of 1.86cm. On the other hand, you don’t need to crawl around inside like you would in an estate car or even some people carriers.
  • Not too wide to fit onto my drive. Why are modern houses still built with drives and garages that would only fit cars from the 1960s I ask you?? At least in the UK they are. I’ve seen garages that are no more than glorified garden sheds. My drive isn’t an exception. My parent’s Volvo just about fits but you have to do your best to get out of the car comfortably. The likes of a Vauxhall Vivaro or VW campervan doesn’t allow you to get out using any of the side doors, including the sliding ones, at all. If you can even get it onto my drive that is. I tried…

So the NV200 it is. It is a real shame they don’t have a long wheelbase model, though.

An additional benefit is that it looks too short to sleep in, although it isn’t. So when used as a stealth camper, it will raise less suspicion.


Why the combi?


The panel van technically has a lower speed limit of 50mph instead of 60 mph. That’s one reason. I can almost hear you say, yes but… if you convert it to a campervan…

Yes, but I found it very difficult to find decent business insurance for a campervan, and that’s something my organisation expects… and I want to keep it flexible in its use.

An additional reason is that it apparently costs more in insurance and tax. A half way house could be a crew van, but looking at the seats, it take considerable effort and expense to keep the extra seats, get rid of the bulkhead and still have a campervan. The combi allows a lot more flexibility.

I did a lot of research myself but I also found Dinkum’s blog and Ryan & Mels excellent site very useful in helping me make up my mind.

So that’s my decision made. The only thing left is to save up a bit more money and find a van I like for a price I like…