22/04/2019 – West Bay to Golden Cap

Click for 3D map of the walk – on laptop/desktop, click on 3D if needed and use Ctrl to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

Easter Monday and a good day for another walk. Easter Sunday would have been way too busy and hot to go for a walk that would be enjoyable. As it turned out, it was busy today too, but the sun wasn’t bearing down as much. Another lovely walk with beautiful views along the way… and lots of sheep. The view from Golden Cap especially was stunning and well worth the walk and the steep climb up. On the way to West Bay I noticed a lot of bluebells already but didn’t expect any so close to the sea. How wrong I was. Parts of the walk were covered in a mix of bluebells and other flowers offering a very colourful display of often purple and yellow or purple and white. You could see it was spring from the often vibrant colour of the grass in the fields as well. On the other hand, there are definite signs the Easter holidays are at an end. When I left in the morning the campsites were still full of caravans, tents and motorhomes and I could see them gradually empty as I continued the walk. On the way back I was stuck behind 5 or so cars towing caravans as well.