24/02/2019 – Ferry Bridge to Abbotsbury

Click for 3D map of the walkon a laptop or desktop, click on 3D if needed and use the Ctrl key to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

I knew today was going to be a long walk, and it proved to be. I left home very early to capture the rising sun over Abbotsbury, where I was going to set off from. This walk is supposed to go from Ferry Bridge in Weymouth to Abbotsbury, but here too, I decided to do the walk the other way round as I wanted to take some good photos near Abbotsbury early in the morning. It proved to be a good decision and I took some really nice photos. On top of that, I had breakfast with a really stunning view.

These are my sunrise photos ranked from early to later:

I then went to the village car park and set off on my long walk. I had half expected it to be a fairly boring walk but it proved to be anything but. The path set off from within the village, following the road to the Swannery, leaving St Catherine’s Chapel on the left, ideal for taking some more photos. It then went steep up the hill, following the ridge to then take me steep down and up again towards the Moonfleet. On the way there are some breathtaking views of the fleet with the swannery in the distance in one direction and Portland in the other. Initially Portland was barely visible in the gleaming morning sunlight but it then gradually showed itself from within the sunny haze, now and then disappearing as the path weaved itself along the fleet and it’s many peninsulas and meandering coastline. Getting closer to Ferry Bridge, the way signs seemed to contradict themselves indicating varying distances. I had hoped to arrive at Ferry Bridge around 1 l’clock believing the distance markers, but they proved to be a bit optimistic and I only arrived just before 2 o’clock. I realised the day was moving on and that I would need to be back before it got too dark to see where I was going. I did make provision for this and took a head torch, but i didn’t want to use it, really. So, I ended up a bit worried about how long it had taken me to make my way to Ferry Bridge and decided to start my return walk straight away, without having lunch. I had also hoped to buy something on the way, since it was half term, but nothing was open! All this meant the fun went out of the experience a bit on the way back and I didn’t even stop for photos. I regret this now, though. The sunset (yes it took me that long) just before I arrived was stunning, with the fleet far below me and the late sunlight reflecting in the water, throwing shades of deep orange and purple onto the water and the landscape. I finally got back to the van a mere 15 minutes or so before it was entirely dark. I drove back up the hill to where I had taken photos that morning, but it was really dark already. I was very tired but it was another very satisfying day. My Fitbit told me I had done just over 50,000 steps!