24/03/2019 – West Bexington to Burton Bradstock

Click for 3D map of the walk – on laptop/desktop, click on 3D if needed and use Ctrl to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

or rather the other way round… and back to Burton Bradstock, where I had parked the van. What a lovely day it was. A very quiet walk along the beach towards West Bexington and a much busier return walk to Burton Bradstock. I went along the beach, which here consists of very small grit, like the grit you would used in the garden. No need to say it wasn’t all that easy to walk on and some of it ended up in my walking boots. Progress was slower as a result, but I enjoyed it, being outside near the sea on a beautifully sunny day like today. It wasn’t very warm to start out with, but soon it warmed up and got quite hot. On the way out I came across an increasing number of anglers, some of whom caught some fish too. One caught a dogfish and another a plaice.

On part of the beach out were lots of stacked rocks, like little pillar markers. I wonder why people do this… There is one man here in Dorset, Adrian Gray, who makes it into a fine art, though. Have a look on his website, or look him up on google pictures and you’ll see what I mean. At first I thought they were fixed together but I’ve seen some of his work on the beach near Lyme Regis, close to where he lives, when I was kayaking, and it isn’t! He just balances several beach rocks on top of one another, defying gravity, so it seems.

On the way back I followed the official path over the cliffs with the now familiar stunning views over Lyme Bay. One thing that ruined it was the rubbish everywhere, though. A lot of it will have washed onto the beach during the last storm, but still… How does all that stuff end up in the sea in the first place?? Disgusting. I picked up quite a lot of bits of nylon fishing line with hooks attached to them. An ideal thing for birds to injure themselves on so I picked up as much as I found and binned it when I arrived.