Charmouth to Lyme Regis

Click for 3D map of the walk – on laptop/desktop, click on 3D if needed and use Ctrl to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

The weather wasn’t too good today… cloudy with some rain showers. I did decide to do this walk today as yesterday would have been way too hot. Yesterday I did some fence painting and some planting in the garden instead so I was able to retreat inside when the sun was getting a bit too hot. However, this morning turned out to be much foggier and cloudier than expected. I decided to have breakfast on the layby near Pilsdon hill (defended.bonds.ecologist), where you normally have an excellent view over much of west Dorset, but not today. Fog and cloud all the way. While I was enjoying breakfast it started to rain as well and I was seriously thinking about giving up for today and try another day or next week. I can’t remember what made me decide to go and have a look anyway, but I did. I parked in the same place as last time, in Charmouth, thereby avoiding the parking fee at the bottom car park near the beach. I set off and it turned out to be a wonderful walk.

The coast path was rerouted ages ago after a cliff collaps and now normally follows the main road, then cuts through across a field and then more main road until you reach Lyme Regis. No surprise this was very unappealing to me and I decided to walk to Lyme along the beach. The tide was going out and I was sure I had enough time to make it to Lyme and back in plenty of time before the tide would cut off my path or would make it difficult to walk.

As per usual in the morning, there weren’t a lot of people about and all of them said good morning when I passed them, this is usually very different around lunch time, on the way back, when the beach is full of day trippers and tourists. Today was no different. I was hoping to find some fossils and I wasn’t dissapointed. The first part of the beach, though, before Lyme Regis, was dissapointing, even though this is where everyone goes to find fossils. Even the fossil walks concentrate on this beach for some reason and from experience I know there is a lot more going on on the beach on the west side of Lyme. I had been there before, years ago, in the kayak and had found quite a few, including fossilised beaches full of fossils of amonites and other sea creatures.

When I reached Lyme Regis I walked up the steps leading onto the new sea wall and walked into Lyme Regis itself and then along the sea front to the Cobb. Because I hadn’t found any fossils yet I decided to follow up on what I know and walk along the west beach, where I found loads as the photos below will show. I walked as far as where you can find the green ‘Axminster to Lyme Regis Undercliffs National…’ notice on the google map at the top of this page. The fossils in the photos below are just the tip of the iceberg! On the way back there were lots of people battering away at rocks as if it were a desparate treasure hunt. Most of them clearly didn’t know what they were doing. Some had children with them and for them it was all a big (very possibly disappointing) adventure. I could see people walking past absolutely gorgeous fossils, not even noticing they were there. Strange.