01/01/2019 – Weymouth to Portland

Click for 3D map of today’s walk – on laptop or desktop, click on 3D, if needed, and use the Ctrl key to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

It is the first of Janaury so ideal to go for a walk, since I didn’t drink! I expected it to be very quiet and on the way out it definitely was. I left home with it being overcast but the coast was really sunny and not too cold either! The first part of the walk follows the Rodwell Trail, which is effectively the railway to Portland which disappeared a long time ago and was turned into a cycle path/footpath with the exected non existent gradient, which made for an easy walk with great views along the coast.

The Rodwell Trail stopped where Weymouth stopped… just before the bridge. There was a lovely small beach where a couple of people were swimming when I was on the way back. The weather was really that lovely but the water must have been freezing! I also saw a couple of paddleboarders and kayakers and one diver.

Apart from the views, the path towards Portland was quite boring and ended up alongside the Sailing Academy and a fairly industrial part with, bizarrely, a coupld of places where you could have a drink. Although, it was next to Portland Marina. There was also the helicopter base which was used by the Royal Navy’s very welcome rescue helicopters but which now seems to stand sadly empty.

I finished my walk next to Portland Castle, which is an English Heritage managed property which can be visited on other days of the year. I considered walking on for a bit but after all, it was Newyear’s day and there was an excellent free car park I could use as the start for my next walk. This will be a steep climb up and then around Portland, to the lighthouse and back the other side. I look forward to that…

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