20/05/2018 – Kimmeridge to Tynham

Click for 3D map of today’s walk – on laptop or desktop, Click on 3D and use the Ctrl key to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

This was a beautiful walk on a lovely spring Sunday but with quite a bit of climbing involved. Kimmeridge bay itself is beautiful and tranquil, but not during the summer months, unfortunately. I came here before on my kayak during a day trip from Lulworth Cove, which is a very different way to see the Dorset coast, but equally worth it.

As everywhere, car parks are not cheap here, but if you stay for the day it’s not bad. I set off early to make the best of a lovely day and had plenty of choice of where I wanted to park, so I decided to park with full view of the sea. Now in May there were some people and even campervans already there but it was really quiet otherwise. The first bit of the walk isn’t too steep but soon I found myself climbing steeply up the hill from where I had the most stunning views, both back towards Clavell Tower and forward towards Lulworth.

Then the path follows the contours of the cliffs, slightly up and gently down to the point where you can see the cliff dropping away towards Worbarrow Tout, a small rocky outcrop near Tynham. Tynham itself is a village with a rather sad story. It was cleared during the second world war for the Army to use, witht he promise its inhabitants would be allowed to come back, but they never did. It’s still part of an extensive army training ground for the local tank regiment. It’s open for visitors unless the army are on firing practice. Yes, it’s a firing range so you best not ignore any signs!