30/12/2018 – Preston, Weymouth to Sandsfoot Castle, Weymouth

Click for 3D map of today’s walk – on laptop or desktop, click on 3D, if needed, and use the Ctrl key to manipulate the map and scroll to zoom in or out.

The photos at the bottom of this page will show that today was a really murky day but I decided to go for a walk anyway. I was planning on making it short, to just walk from Preston to the end of the promenade in Weymouth and back, but that turned out different… I ended up walking to the Nothe Fort and then on along the sea to Sandsfoot Castle, where I hope parking will be easy for the next stage. This will hopefully be on to Portland…

When I set off it looked like it was going to be all right, weather wise, but I did get some drizzle later on. Weymouth and the path to it was still quiet for the first part, but once I hit the part of the path along the beach huts, it got busier. There was all sort of activity going on from kayaking to swimming, and not by people wearing wetsuits either. You’d swear it was summer when you look at the photo, but the cold was definitely biting and most people were wearing a coat at the very least.

Further on, where the sandy beach is, there were two horse riders as well, galloping along an empty part of the beach where there were no dog walkers. The sea was like a millpond and they returned later through the water, but at a gentler pace now. I then turned left towards the pavillion and walked all along the old ferry terminal and car park to the end of the pier at that end, before returning to cross the bridge across the harbour to turn left again towards Brewer’s Quay. From then on, all on the flat, I walked towards and along Nothe Fort to end up at the end of the pier on the opposite side of the harbour. The RNLI were going out on one of their exercises.

On turning back I walked up the hill to Nothe Fort, which was closed, I think because of the brass band practicing inside (for some reason). The climb up to the Fort is quite steep, which is the first time I had to go uphill today. When I reached the top I was very glad to see public toilets next to the car park! The path then gently slopes down towards a well laid path along the sea. This is one of the easiest walks I’ve done so far along the coast path, I think. So… to make things more interesting I decided to take a narrow, hardly used path to the left, keeping right of the Coastguard building. This lead on to a beach and after some scrambling I made it to the actual beach with several steps leading on to houses. All were gated off with forbidding signs warning to ‘keep out!’. I found a very steep and slippery way up between all of these and turned left to finally reach Sandsfoot Castle on the left hand side.

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